Application - Race Number Plates

Application - Race Number Plates

Application fee to apply 1x Set Race Number Plate decals (1x Front plate & 2x Side Plates)

Junior or Senior Bike. 



1. Drop (or post) your 3x plastics off to our office anytime after placing inital order for your new kit.

Or we can arrange fresh plastics in store (call us on 02 4731 2011)
Please do not bring in your motorbike, as it is a 48 hour application process and we do not allow customers to leave their bikes at our store overnight. 


2. Please ensure all plastics are 100% clean, no dirt on or underneath the guards. Any previous graphics/warning labels will need to be removed. Please do not clean with “shine & go”


3. Allow 2-3 days for application. That way we can apply, then go over the next day to ensure all graphics are sealed down correctly. 


4. Wait for our call of completion. Do not come to our store for pick up without confirmation of completion. If you do require your order by a certain date, not a problem, let us know.


5. Be patient, good application takes time & is a crucial part of your graphics lifespan.  


6. Once collected from our store, it is now your job to keep an eye on all graphics before your first ride. If any edges are lifting, we recommend applying a little bit of heat & ensuring they are stuck down 100%. If they do lift again, use a Stanley knife to trim. 
Any areas that get dirt under them, will not stick down again


7. Any problems, let us know - we are here to help. 


Call to arrange your application date: 02 4731 2011

  • Note

    Please note, we will not remove any previous graphics. Customer must supply all plastics to be sticker free & 100% clean, including under the guards. Please ensure plastics do not have any silicon based cleaning products on them. 

    For any reason that we may think your plastics are not up to standard, we will be in contact before we proceed with application. 


    Thank you.