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KTM250 2STROKE 2023



Wheels: EZE built wheelset with custom hand polished chrome hubs.

Brakes: Oversized Motomaster 270mm flame front rotor

Bars: Renthal 999 with 4mm cut off each end

Pipe: KTM power parts FMF

Silencer: KTM Powerparts FMF

Clamps: KTM Powerparts split 22mm offset 

Frame: Painted KTM orange with a pearlescent clear coat over the top

Suspension: Chris woods performance tuned air forks / Chris woods performance tuned rear shock /Pro Circuit rear linkage system.

Foot pegs: Scar titanium mud spec 

Graphics/seat cover: Of course the best in the damn business - Teencee!

Taj also runs;

- Maxima engine oil/air filter oil/coolant

- Maxima 927 at a 60:1 for my petrol. 

- Funnelweb air filters

- Renthal chains & sprockets /14t front sprocket & 50T rear

- ODI grips 

taj carson - edited -12.jpg
taj carson - edited -15.jpg
taj carson - edited -01.jpg

"My inspiration and influence for the graphics came from a number of different sources like music album covers, formula 1 and street wear brands that I like and follow. 


I wanted the bike to look clean, classy but with a badass unique look to it that was one of a kind and Teencee made that happen perfectly"


So, there it is. The official run down of the Taj Carson KTM sx250

taj carson - edited -13.jpg

"This bike build was out of pure love for 2 strokes and having a bike that I absolutely loved riding. First and foremost I wanted to feel at home on the bike and make sure that all my controls and points of contact between myself and the bike were the way I liked them. So straight away I got the oversized front rotor, bars, footpegs and suspension done. I rode it like that for quite a while and after about 40hrs and getting comfortable and confident again I committed to the rest of the build. All of the parts I bought for the bike serve a purpose built around rider comfort and predictability. The split clamps took a lot of harshness out of my hands and proceeded to also make the bike more stable and steer better. The Pro Circuit rear linkage system was an absolute game changer and increased rider comfort & stability like nothing I’d ever felt before. The FMF pipe increased the amount of bottom end to mid end power and gave the bike a more connected feel from throttle to rear wheel"

- Taj Carson

taj carson - edited -19.jpg
taj carson - edited -21.jpg
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