Frequently asked questions


Will i receieve an artwork proof before you print?

Yes, if you've ordered a full custom kit (this is our only product online that allows full alterations)

Then rest of our products progress straight into our design & print queue, then on their way to your hot little hands.

My bike has a range of plastics from different models, can you still design for my bike?

Absolutely! You will just need to let our team know what plastics you have for each area on the bike, it is best to call our office immediately after ordering online. If you fail to tell us that you have a Cycra Front Plate etc, you will be liable to pay for the new template reprint.

I have my own business & personal logos, can I add these to my kit?

Of course! Email any specific logos as a PDF File to

Otherwise, we have all common brand logos on file already.

What logos can’t you print?

Redbull, KTM, WP, Husqvarna, Nike

I want to combine two designs from your website into one, is this possible?

Absolutely! Please call our store or email to discuss. We are here to work with all your design ideas and create the kit that you desire.

Can I call and approve my artwork?

We require any approval to be in writing – email works best for us!

What is the timeframe to see my full kit artwork proof?

Within 1-14 business days - time varies depending on peak seasons/sales/Christmas.

Online orders are our quickest turn around.

If your order needs to meet a deadline, please let our staff know & we will do our best.

I want to come in and design my kit in store with you, is this ok?

Unfortunately we don’t offer in-house design appointments. We are confident that if you email us all your ideas, we can create something badass for you. Feel like you can’t get your ideas over via email? Give our team a call.

I want to mix and match my plastic colours, is this possible?

Yes! We stock a range of plastics & colour variations. Just let us know the colour combo you are thinking and we can get a quote over to you

Are there any additional costs if i want to keep tweaking my design before you print?

Nope! We are here to work with you until you are completely pumped! We won't hit print until you say so.

I've got a mix of ideas for my new kit, do i email them to you?

Hell yeah. We love seeing your ideas & bringing them to life. The more pics for inspo, the better! Send them over & we will have a better understand your design style, then add our own spin to it.

Can i see a proof before i pay?

Our creative design time unfortunately don't start designing until you've paid in full. But... we work with you until you are completly pumped. So we are 100% confident you will love the end result.

What is the difference between full custom & online store full kits?

Online store - these kits are pre-designed, so the background stays the same. However you have the freedom to alter any logos + add in your name and race number. Full custom - Fill out a custom order form here & your graphics kit will be 100% unique. We will design to suit your plastic colours, completely starting from scratch with all the custom logos of your choice. These kits are usually one of a kind and take your moto next level.

I’ve decided I want something different but have already sent my order, what do I do?

Call our store immediately so we can confirm if your order has been processed/printed. If it has been processed, you will be liable to cover any additional charges if you wish to make amendments. If your order hasn’t been printed, we can of course discuss what else you have in mind.

I have a bike that isn’t available on your site, can I still order?

Please call our store & we will confirm if we have the templates for your specific bike. If we do, you can order over the phone.


How much is shipping?

WEBSITE ORDERS (Placed from Free shipping when you spend over $100.00 Standard Shipping: $10.00 10 - 15 Business Days (or sooner) Express Shipping: $15.00 5-10 Business Days (or sooner) --- IN STORE / CUSTOM ORDERS Freight prices vary per order

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All orders take approximately 1-14 business days to arrive. If you have ordered a full custom kit online or in store, the dispatch time will be calculated from the date you've approved your artwork. Bare in mind, sales, peak season or festive seasons can delay your order. We are a small but mighty team, we appreciate your understanding if orders take longer then expected.

Can i pick up my order from your store?

Absolutely! Our team will call you when you order is ready, feel free to drop by our store to collect.

What courier company do you use?

We use a range!

Aus post + various other courier services. Ensuring you get your order as quick as possible for a reasonable price.

I haven't received my order..

Email or call us for an update of your order, anytime.

Do you provide tracking numbers?

If you request a tracking number, we are more then happy to supply one.
Just email our team to request your postage updates.

Can i arrange my own courier?

Absolutely! Just let us know.

Can my friend collect my order for me?

Sure, please notify our team prior to their arrival.


Can you apply my Teencee kit?

Reach out to our team to see our next available booking for application.

Will you apply a kit i've purchased elsewhere?

Unfortunately we do not offer application for a product that hasn't been supplied through our store.

I’m not sure if my graphics are the perfect fit, can you help?

For sure! If something doesn’t seem right, take some pictures and email it over to us. Once we see what you are referring to, we can let you know what we’d recommend.

I've stuffed up my application, where to from here?

We are here to help! Call our team and we can let you know what we'd reccommend.

I've half applied my kit, but i'm having trouble. Can you finish it for me?

Please call our team to confirm our next available application date for you. Price will vary pending how many decals you need applied.

How much does graphics application cost?

Prices vary, please call our store 02 4731 2011

Can i drop my motorbike off to your store?

It is our policy that we do not hold any motorbikes in our store throughout the day or night. (We are situated in a mezzanine, so we cannot get bikes upstairs) Feel free to drop off all your plastics in a box.

Will you apply my new seat cover?

Please call our store to make a booking. Prices vary

Seat cover, do i go over the original or remove it before applying my new cover?

Check out Strikeseats installation guide here

Do you have a graphics application guide?

See our application guide video here


How does the jersey print process work?

- Order your jersey design here - Post your jersey to our store / Or drop off (clearly labelled) - Our team will heat press - We will call you when it's ready for collection / or alternatively post back to you

I want to heat press my own jersey print on

Rad! Just be aware that a general iron at home won't be hot enough.

We highly recommend you get your jersey in the post to us and let us heat press professionally.

Otherwise we can dispatch your print and you will need to source a store that has a commercial grade heat press (we can supply instructions but are not liable for any incorrect application if outsourced)

I want a logo on the front of my jersey, but I can't see an option on your online store?

That’s OK, email our store and we will assist. Jersey logos range from $7+, depending on size.

What is an “outline only” Jersey Print?

This certain type of jersey print has the centre of the text cut out, which allows perfect ventilation for the aerated jerseys.

This type of Jersey design has become one of our most popular styles – but is only recommended for jerseys with a plain design on the back.

Jersey Print care & washing instructions

Wash - Wait 24 hours after the application before the first wash - Wash temp not to exceed 40 degrees celcius - Wash inside out Do not: - Iron - Tumble dry - Dry clean - Bleach or use aggressive chemical agents Store away from sunlight & dust, in a verticle position

I want the holographic / foil prints. How do i order?

Email our team to enquire about our exclusive prints / Various foils available prices vary

My jersey print has become a little bit crinkled over time, what can i do?

Turn your jersey inside out & use a general household iron to iron out the crinkles


I want an exact reprint, how much will it cost?

Exact reprint of your full kit: $199.00 (no matter the bike size)

Want to quickly change a few things? That bumps it up to custom design price, please request a new quote.

Can you supply clear laminate kits?

Yes, prices vary. Reach out to our team

How long will your graphics last?

Our graphics lifespan all depends on the application, general maintenance of the bike & the rider's aggression.

We have had customers who have confirmed our graphics have lasted for years! Our material does provide exceptional protection of the guards. Our product makes the perfect combination of flexibility & durability.

We digitally print then laminate over the top, so if the laminate was to wear, the print will still be visible.

My graphics have worn in one area, can you reprint this piece?

Of course. Just email our team and request what piece you require. Any reprints will be reproduced at a discounted price.

Do you do Trade discounts?

Of course we look after our Industry!

For prices, please contact our store. All Trade orders need to be made via the trade store email and paid from the Trade stores credit card.

Will you sponsor me?

Please email us your race resume/cover letter and we will consider you to join our team for the following year.

Our sponsorship deals are entitled for 1 year and will be revised yearly.

We don’t entirely rely on results for sponsorship deals – if you can show us what ways you can promote our business, we will take you into consideration.

Are you open on weekends?

Absolutely! 8.30am-12pm on Saturday's.

Sunday’s - gone riding!


We do not offer refunds for change of mind or accidental order.

Store credit will apply if any product is deemed faulty, under our discretion.

If you enter wrong postal address, it is your responsibility to re-order at your own cost.

I am interested in your Presentation Plates for my local MX club trophies, how do we go about it?

This is where we work with your budget and create something unique for your club.

Email our team with your quantity, budget, size & designs in mind and we will get back to you within 24-48hours.