Application Step by Step

Application / Step 1.

Inspect your plastics If they are scuffed/scratched, it may be worth looking at replacing them. We can supply new plastics if required.

Application / Step 2.

Use a heat gun to warm old graphics for easy removal.
Clean the surface thoroughly with Isopropyl Alcohol.
You do not want to leave any glue residue, oils or dirt.
Clean hands are critical, oily fingers will reduce the ability of your graphics to adhere.

Application / Step 3.

Before removing the backing paper, place the decal over the plastic to ensure the whole template is correct. Make note of holes and align accordingly. Peel 20% of the backing paper back from one side, trim backing paper with a stanley knife. Stick down one edge, swivel sticker slightly to ensure it is in perfect position. Stick down the 20% lightly. Pull the rest of the backing paper off, run your thumb straight down the centre of the sticker. Pull both edges up (like a taco), then use a squeegee (or thumb) and rub down the sticker from the centre outwards. If you do get a bubble, pull the sticker up and go again - our air release material wont lose its adhesive if you pull the sticker up a few times to ensure perfect placement.
Use a heat gun for super curved surfaces & to finish off the edges
(Do not overheat or your decal will stretch)
If you get a bubble in the centre, use a pin to pop the air bubble and push the air out.

Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks

Good work takes time, please be patient.
Let the graphics adhere to the plastics for 24-48 hours before riding.
Some kits will require trimming, trim decals so that there is no overhang. If something doesn’t seem right or the templates aren’t 100% - let us know before moving forward. We are here to help and make sure you are happy with our products.


What do I use to wipe over the plastics prior to applying?

Isopropyl Alcohol (can be purchased at Bunnings - here)

My template isn’t 100%?

Let us know! We are here to help, if you don’t tell us, we will never know there’s a problem. Email over some pics of the error ( and we will be sure to work with you to ensure your order is perfect.

I want to apply my new graphics and ride my bike the same day...

Stop right there! For maximum graphics life span, you need to let your graphics sit for 48hours before your first ride.This helps your new decals to properly adhere to the plastics.

What do I do for the next 48hours with my new graphics?

Leave your plastics in a warm area, or sitting in the sun (this helps the decals adhere). Run your fingers around the edge of the decals to ensure all is sealed down 100%. If you get dirt under the decals, they will not stick down again. Always look over your graphics before your first ride. Any lifting requires trimming, grab a stanley knife and make sure the decal is not over hanging the plastics.

What do I clean my bike with?

Any general cleaning detergent will do the trick, just don't pressure wash too close to the edges.

How long do my graphics last?

Every rider is different as to how they grip their bike, take care of them and prevent them from deteriorating.
Trim any areas that may have lifted. Tyre shine is great to wipe over any decals that have lost their shine.

I stuffed up my application, I need a piece reprinted..

Easy done, just shoot us an email with a note of what you need reprinted. Discounted charges apply for reprints. We keep all your artwork on file, forever!