DAILY INSPO DECAL | "The girls are on"

DAILY INSPO DECAL | "The girls are on"

1x Mirror Decal to give you & your fellow room mates some daily inspo.


3 various sizes:

- 300mm wide x proportion

- 450mm wide x proportion

- 600mm wide x proportion



- Gloss Black

- Gloss White 


How to apply your vinyl decal? 
1. Wipe the surface clean with a microfibre cloth (Isporopyl Alcohol is our preferred cleaning agent)

2. Remove the backing paper slowly 

3. In it's desired position, place one end of the decal down

4. Use a squeegee and work your way from one end to the other

5. Gently remove the top clear layer

6. Enjoy your daily inspo! 


    PriceFrom AU$16.96